Our Mission:

To Inspire …


House of Ganiyah is pleased and highly honored to present She-EO, a powerful, soul inspiring and life transforming experience for purpose driven women. It is a talk-show style experience, which features experts and “battle tested winners” whose stories, authenticity and experiences transform the lives of our audience, and inspire us to think about  Money, Career, Impact, Love & Relationships, Health and Wellness, and Adversity from positions of wholeness and strength. The goal of She-EO is to provide safe platforms for multi-cultural women of color to retreat and discuss issues related to personal growth and community engagement. She-EO specifically addresses financial, mental and societal barriers that inhibit the growth and progress of women.

She-EO is a unique gathering of the most determined and diverse women of African descent. We are breaking cultural barriers by having no hold barred discussions about issues that are "taboo" topics in many cultures and communities, because these barriers have to be broken so millions of women can live more fulfilling lives, and make better contributions in their communities.

In July 2018, the Mayor of Baltimore presented a very special Mayoral Salute to She-EO in recognition of our efforts to inspire and empower diaspora African women. The She-EO Stage is reserved for the most authentic women (and sometimes men) whose stories genuinely inspire and empower our tribe. Previous hot seat guests who have empowered women from the She-EO stage include: Mayor Catherine Pugh (Mayor of Baltimore,) Dr. Omobola Johnson (Nigeria's Minister of Information Technology from 2011 to 2015,) and Ms. Magda N. Yrizarry (Senior Vice President and Chief Talent & Diversity Officer at Verizon Communications Inc.) Details of past She-EO events including our highly impactful hosts and speakers can be found here.


Here are a few of the rave reviews we received from our tribe about She-EO:

"What can I say about yesterday? #sheeo3Yesterday was a blessing. My body is tired but my heart is full, bursting with joy and gratitude. I am so thankful to my Father in heaven, God the Almighty from whom all things come. I spent the whole of yesterday in Sisterhood. The majority of my day was in the company of about a hundred women at the She-EO event where I served as the opening host. This was quite an unexpected ask and I wasn't even planning to go to the event but when Tope Fajingbesi asked, I am so glad I said yes. I didn't take a lot of pics because I wanted to be fully present, but here are a few... The She-EO room yesterday was filled with nothing but love. The energy was palpable; the courage to share the most intimate stories, the depth and authenticity of the discussions, and the breadth all were allowed to be themselves in that space, made for an experience I will always cherish. Tope curated a diverse range of topics and incredible, experienced speakers, and I learned so much! Not just abstract ideas and suggestions but tangible, practical solutions/ideas to incorporate in my life immediately. Thank you Tope for being you, for being such an amazing human being and for doing this work. Thank you to all the women who shared their stories and for trusting the women in that room with your vulnerability. I truly believe vulnerability is our super power. When we are vulnerable and open in our triumphs and challenges, we give others permission/allowance to reveal their true authentic selves. Yesterday, the She-EO room was filled with super heroes. Bravo Sisters!"

- Bunmi Emenanjo

"The masks were off as this diverse group of powerful and accomplished women shared their struggles and triumphs in wealth building, entrepreneurship, finding purpose, health, love and marriage. The lessons learned from the transparency and vulnerability of panelists was life giving. For privacy reasons, there are no recordings or videos of these amazing sessions, so if you missed SHE-EO 3.0 stay tuned for SHE-E0 4.0 by connecting with Tope Fajingbesi Balogun#Sheeo3 #BeMore"

-Funlayo Alabi

"Saturday at She-eo 3.0, I was privileged to sit with  women on a panel and listen to the stories of others. Those women sought our answers and advised to their life’s dilemmas. How I love safe spaces for women… true places of sisterhood. Yes we laughed and also opened our hearts. Our hostess Tope shared “yesterday, I saw you like I have never seen you ever. I am in awe of the strength God placed in your calm soul. You are amazing”. The truth is I just love to help women find what makes their heart sing… but it is a process. We must lean in and be present with open hearts for another to shine. Definitely the light of the world was present emanating from the hearts of women in that room."

Cordelia Gaffar 

"It was such an HONOR meeting the Mayor of Baltimore City, Mayor Catherine Pugh @mayorpugh50 at the She-EO 3.0 Edition organized by dynamite woman Tope Fajingbesi Balogun( I’ll be telling you about @tfaj17 later ) where I was honored to be a speaker....... ( that guest seat was) Now back to this Amazing Mayor, her humility shown through, her determination could break several glass doors at once, her years of service and work ethics, HIGHLY COMMENDABLE and hear this, She is SO PASSIONATE about Empowering other Women! Again ma’am, thank you for motivating us by sharing your journey!  I am super grateful for the move of God in my life, thankful for the support of family and friends as I journey on, yielding to purpose!  Don’t sit on your dreams, find your purpose, find your strength, find your will and run with it!!!!!!"

Seun Obajolu

"Thank you for including me. I was a pleasure to serve and be served with such life changing nuggets. Congrats and job well done. The rewards of obedience. Had a great time sharing financial knowledge at the #SheEO3 #BeMore conference Baltimore. Words can't describe the women power that was in room today. Don't miss the next one. Make it a habit to empower yourself."

- Rita Bailey
"The Mayor really enjoyed herself on Saturday! Thank you for your efforts and your professionalism in coordinating the event."

-Karen, Office of the Mayor of Baltimore

"It was truly a wonderful event. Thank you for the invitation. Mayor Pugh was delighted. We left behind the Mayor's Salute framed citation as well. With much gratitude."

Geri, Office of the Mayor of Baltimore

"'Our' and not 'her' is a very special place to get people Tope. I cannot tell you how it felt listening and connecting with the audience and my fellow panelists. The two MC’s did a great job too facilitating the entire conference. Thank you Tope Fajingbesi Balogun. I am so full of inspiration and energy. Thank you once again! #SheEO3. …"

- Tausi Suedi

"Thank you too for your dedication to the service of humanity. Praises and money are not enough to compensate you for what you have given to others. We are thankful and really proud of you."

Amj Oke

"It was such an honor being a part of this wonderful and authentic initiative. May Allah continue to guide and guard your footsteps."
- Rashidat F. Raji