Sinatu Ojikutu


  • Born in 1945, she comes from a lineage of national leaders. Her late father, Barrister Shittu Adewuyi, was a member of parliament for the Western House of Assembly in the First Republic. Inspired by his leadership, she became the first woman Vice-President of the University of Lagos Students’ Union. ⁣

  • She asserted her independence very early in life. In spite of her family’s persuasion for her to study Law because her late father was a lawyer, she went ahead to study economics, a field she believed would enable her soar and serve even better.⁣

  • Deputy Governor during the tenure of Sir Michael Otedola in 1992, making her only the second woman to be elected as a deputy Governor at the time. ⁣

  • Struggled with infertility in her marriage with husband, Late Alhaji Shamsideen Ojikutu, whom she described as a passionate, supportive and energetic man. He stood by her during the tough years before the birth of her child.⁣

  • She is a trail blazer who became first female Executive Director of Operations for Nigerian Bank of Commerce and Industry in 1970. ⁣

    A firm believer in fairness and equity. She championed the removal of the power to appoint traditional rulers by the government officials, ensuring chiefs and traditional rulers are given fair rights and are not subjected to fear of being removed.

Amina Zaid