She-EO Impact Directory (Q4-2019)


Real talk about ROW !

Relationships. Occupation. Wealth. Wellness.


IT ALL began WITH A DAY-DREAM in 2014…

While attending the Women Transforming Leadership program at the University of Oxford in October 2014, Tope Fajingbesi Balogun, CEO of House of Ganiyah began day dreaming about building a platform for women of African descent to hold important conversations that matter. She immediately named it “She-EO.” The dream was big and overwhelming, however the thought to execute it persisted, and the first edition happened three years later, on August 19th 2017, in Columbia, Maryland in the USA.

She-EO is a global talk show style “experience” for women of African descent, held in London, England; Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria; and in chosen cities in the USA. It’s a safe space for women to freely and powerfully have important discussions about RelationshipsOccupation, Wealth and Wellness (ROW.) Only 100 women are admitted to each She-EO event, which is never live streamed or recorded for replay. By listening to stories from battle tested women and advice from experts, attendees gain power and knowledge that equip them to be better versions of themselves. She-EO is a powerful, soul inspiring and life transforming experience, which utilizes authenticity and personal experiences to transform the lives of our audience.

The goal of She-EO is to provide safe platforms for multi-cultural women of color to retreat and discuss issues related to personal growth and community engagement. She-EO specifically addresses financial, mental and societal barriers that inhibit the growth and progress of women.